The "All Seasons" Approach

The "All Seasons" Approach.  How are you when it comes to the expected unexpected storms?  Do you have the basic supplies at home, work and in your car?

___ Three-day supply of food and water

___ Flashlight and extra batteries

___ Emergency Charger for mobile devices

___ Battery powered or hand crank radio

___ First Aid Kit

___ Prescription medicines, infant formulas and other necessary individual items

___ Extra blankets

___ Shelter

In vehicle:

___  Food and water

___ Blankets (include space blankets)

___ Portable mobile phone charger

___ Flashlight and batteries

___ First Aid Kit

___ Jumper Cables

___ Sand or Cat Litter (for traction)

Always include items that you find to be useful to have for those "just in case situations."